Perth Laser Sports is a Western Australian company that offers outdoor laser combat action, also known as LaserTag or Laser Skirmish.
We now have fields at Bungee West in Bibra Lake, Whiteman Park, and Chidlow. Got a great venue? We are mobile too!!

We are the best value, most competitively priced outdoor Laser Sport in Perth, review our pricing here - Sessions

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Laser sports is a team based adventure sport that uses the latest infra-red technology to offer the thrill of a combat sport in an outdoor environment. As the equipment we use do not fire projectiles, you can experience the exhilaration of paintball, without the bruises. Safe for all ages to play.
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Experience the exhilaration of Laser sports!  

Using the latest in infrared technology  you  compete team on team to eliminate the opposition and achieve mission objectives in an action packed outdoor combat simulation. 

War Correspondence

To book a game, check out our sessions page, or contact or call one of  our helpful staff on 6278 1233

We are Mobile!, School fete, special venue; we can come to you!

Looking for the perfect activity for an end of season windup? Something everyone in the workplace can join into?

Give Laser Sports a go!

We now have three fields! Bungee West field in Bibra Lake, Whiteman Park and Chidlow "Combat Ridge" field, 25 minutes from Midland along the Great Eastern Hwy. Got a great venue? We are mobile too

Perth Laser Sports use Battlefield Sports components.