The PLS 50 Carbine is 70 centimeters in length and weighs just under 4 kilos fully fitted with battery and site. The gun is configured with 8clips of 75 shots each,and has a maximum range of 120 meters. There is a secondary fire mode (selectable via a button on the fore-grip) of a short range- wide angle 'scatter gun' shot, especially effective in close quarters action. The rate of fire for the PLS50 carbine in primary fire mode is 350 shots per minute.


Each PLS50 Carbine is fitted with either a 45mm red dot 'fast target acquisition' sight or a telescopic sight. The red dot sight has the advantage of being easy to use for 'point and shoot' in close quarters combat. The telescopic sight has the advantage of being more precise for log distance shooting and 'sniping'.

Each gun is configurable with from 1 to 99 hit points.


There are 2 sensors attached via a cable to the gun, these sensors are worn by the player on a cap. The sensors can detect the infra-red pulse from another gun in a 180 degree arc, so you can effectively be shot in the head from 360 degrees. There is also a sensor on the front of your gun. When shooting at another player, you aim for the front of their gun, or the players head.

When you pull the trigger, the gun emits an infra-red beam detectable by the sensors worn by the other players. When you reach 10 shots left in the clip, a voice from the gun warns you that you are low on ammo. The gun makes a clicking sound when you have run out of shots. To reload you press the forward button under the carry handle. There is a 12 second reload time, and when you are shot and lose a hit point, your gun will be disabled for 3 seconds.