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The equipment we uses is similar in operation to your television remote control. When you pull the trigger, the gun emits an infra-red beam which is detectable by the sensors worn by the other players. The only difference is you can't turn off your television at 100 meters with your tv remote!

Looking for a group activity that is suitable a diverse group of people? Paintball is fun, but the bruising that is an inevitable result of playing paintball can be a turn-off for a lot of would-be participants. Also, in paintball you are required to handle high pressure gasses.

As a group activity, laser sports appeals to a wider audience, as there are no projectiles you don't have to wear goggles; and no bruises.

The session fee is all inclusive, so you are not paying extra as you would if you shoot a lot of paint; it works out cheaper than paintball.

Laser sports offers a similar outdoor experience, without the bruising. So come out for a game - have a drink and a BBQ, and shoot the boss!

Perth Laser Sports is covered by public liability insurance.

You don't have to be an athlete to play laser sports. The level of exercise is similar to a bush walk. As long as you are healthy enough to walk around, you should be healthy enough to play laser sports.


As with all outdoor activities, there is the environment to consider - you need to wear enclosed shoes when playing laser sports (for a standard 3 hour session, you are supplied with auscam coveralls).

You need to be aware of the obstacle presented by natural terrain - rocks, uneven ground and tree branches you can trip over. If you encounter a lizard, snake, spider, kangaroo or any of the other fauna you can encounter in a bush setting, the rule is 'if you avoid them, they will avoid you'. Don't forget to slip slop slap!

These are some of the risks incurred in undertaking any outdoor activity.

All participants are required to sign a waiver form prior to their first game. Anyone under 18 will require a parent or guardian to sign, you can download the waiver form here  prior to attending on the day.
Home Sessions Shocktag Mobile Equipment Fields Corporate Gallery Clan Safety